Interactive mapping systems


Interactive maps
Is a multilayer graphical object in form of an electronical map. It serves to show information in structured view.

Interactive maps Can be used in any sectors of social and economic activity. On depending of solved tasks, there are several types of interactive maps:

Interactive maps are also used to facilitate interaction with various information services necessary to expand the functional part of the system. For example, workflow management systems, administration systems, booking systems, training systems and much more.

These solutions are cross-platform, able to function on any operating systems and types of devices, whether it be interactive panels and various presentation equipment. Our product allows us to realize tasks that require overlap with GPS and GLONASS navigation systems.

The interactive cartographic systems developed by us can be located both in closed networks and in the general access to the Internet.

Art maps


Art map
This is an artistic display of territory and infrastructure.

The art map is designed to solve the following problems:

  • – Preparation of information for presentation activities;
  • – Providing information about the territory and its infrastructure in a picturesque way.

Topographical maps


Topographic map
This is a detailed mapping of the earth’s surface, made in a certain cartographic projection.

Topographic map is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Analysis and assessment of the terrain;
  • – Obtaining qualitative and quantitative characteristics of various objects on the ground;
  • – Ability to display projected construction projects or other architectural works;
  • – Conducting analytical operations with available numerical characteristics.



This is a schematic representation of the object, executed on a plane and having a corresponding scale with preservation of proportions.

Plan-scheme is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Observance of the real proportions of the object when it is displayed and placed on the map;
  • – Ability to output information obtained from various types of equipment: environmental sensors, CCTV cameras and many others;
  • – Ability to visualize the construction of communication networks indoors and outside the premises;
  • – Informing users of the plan-scheme on the ongoing work on the areas of the territory displayed on the map.

Hybrid maps


Hybrid map
it is a combination of several types of cartographic systems. For example, a topographic and a plan-scheme or an artistic and topographic map.

Hybrid maps cover a wider range of functional tasks than narrowly focused solutions, which allows them to expand their scope of application and increase the efficiency of their use.

3D Maps


3D Maps
This is a three-dimensional mapping of the territory, developed on the basis of satellite data.

3D Map is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Acquaintance with the relief of the territory;
  • – Designing of the location of communication networks and transport routes of various types.

Mobile apps


Mobile application
This software is designed to display information on mobile devices running under different operating systems.

Mobile application allow you to access various types of services from mobile devices.

Mobile application can be used as a supplement for any type of Internet projects and information systems, in all areas without exception.

Information Systems


Information System
This is a system designed for storing, searching and processing information. Information systems are used in all branches of social and economic activity.

The enterprise can operate several different systems that solve certain groups of tasks: production management, financial and economic activities, electronic document management and much more.

Information systems can be placed in both open and closed networks.

Depending on the tasks assigned, information systems are divided into several types:

Information systems are designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Increasing the level of control over performers;
  • – Simplification of interaction between the client and the manager of the organization;
  • – Increase the productivity of employees of the organization, getting rid of their routine work;
  • – Reduction of time costs in the design and manufacture of products;
  • – Facilitating the search and processing of documents when working with large volumes of information.

Automated control system


Automated control system
This is a complex of hardware and software, as well as personnel, designed to manage various operations within the technological process, manufacturing or the whole enterprise.

Automated systems are designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Optimization of operations for the collection and processing of data;
  • – Increasing the level of control over the fulfillment of the assigned tasks;
  • – Increasing the degree of validity of decisions;
  • – Growth of labor productivity and improvement of planning methods.

Reservation systems


Reservation system

This is an automated system for pre-ordering or fixing the objects of booking: accommodation, tickets, vouchers, equipment, outfits and other things.

Reservation systems are designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Improving the convenience of using the online reservation service;
  • – Possibility of reservation at any time;
  • – Increasing a speed ​​of service;
  • – Optimization of the work of the administrator;
  • – Attracting the attention of potential customers;
  • – Creation and maintenance of the client base.

Systems of training and attestation


Systems of training and attestation

These are distance educational programs that contain lecture and practical materials and provide processing of the results.

The training and certification systems are designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Providing students with the opportunity to study educational programs at their location;
  • – Increase the level of learning effectiveness.

Customer Relationship Management System


Customer Relationship Management System

This software for organizations, designed to automate work with customers through:

  • – Interviews to change the quality of the product or the order of service;
  • – Web pages for tracking order status by customers;
  • – SMS-notification of events related to an order or a personal account.

Customer relationship management systems are designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Creation of additional ways of customer-customer interaction;
  • – Accelerating response to a request;
  • – Improving the quality of information.

Internet projects


Internet project

This is an information resource or a set of several resources that perform business or social functions.

The Internet project can be placed in an open access or a closed system.

Internet projects are designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – Increase the customer base of the organization;
  • – Informing customers;
  • – Ability to use in presentation activities.

Analytical system


Analytical system
It is a software product that performs analysis of data according to specified algorithms, the direction of the company’s activities and financial indicators.

The result of the systems work is reliable and consistent data, as the system receives information from many sources: production, personnel, financial and other.

Analytical systems are designed to solve the following tasks:

  • – They give an opportunity to compile an integrated picture of the enterprise’s activities;
  • – Generate reports in the form of infographics of varying complexity;
  • – Produce automatic document generation.

3D modeling


3D modeling
This is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of the object.

3D modeling of a group of objects allows you to display the processes of their interaction.

As the initial data for creating a 3D-model are used: drawings, schemes, plans, photographs, video, description and so on.

Objectives of 3D modeling:

  • – Develop a visual, three-dimensional image of the object;
  • – Analyze the properties of the constructed model;
  • – Get the possibility of comparing several objects by their characteristics: dimensions, materials and so on;
  • – Ability to create the original data necessary for the work of a 3D printer.

3D modeling is applied in all branches of social and economic activity, in quality:

  • – Presentation activities;
  • – Interactive applications and games;
  • – Training process: simulators for training drivers, medical workers and many others;
  • – Creation of experimental samples of products to provide a comprehensive and safe analysis of the dynamics of mechanical systems and objects.